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My Biodiesel Winterizing Experiments

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Winterizing and Anti-Gel Re-Visited
Sunday, Nov 2, 2003

Have taken to experimenting with winterizing additives for diesel in hopes of running BD (-EDITED TO CLARIFY THAT UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, ALL SAMPLES ARE 100% BIODIESEL FROM VIRGIN SOY - WEST CENTRAL I BELIEVE, MARKETED BY BLUE SUN-) all year long. Can't find Arctic Express locally, but should have some by tomorrow sometime and will start testing it the same as these samples. With the test results so far on the Power Service products that claim to have antigelling properties (DFS for instance), I don't hold much hope for the Arctic Express, but others have claimed it does work and many of the truckers I know swear by it.

Note: Initially, I wanted to get away from ANY petro products for winterization and find something natural and renewable to accomplish this. That's not looking too good about now. Just prelim tests (not posted here) with various bean oils, etc. that have low cold flow properties failed miserably. Test batches are as follows: 40ml BD, sterile sample jars.

Temp: -5degF/-20.57C.

First try, no additive: Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C. 2 - 400:1 dilution (1cc) Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement (hereafter: DFS) = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C. 3 - 2cc DFS = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C. 4 - 3cc DFS = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C. 5 - 4cc DFS = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C.

Changed test parameters, try Power Service Diesel Kleen (hereafter: DK). 1 - 2cc DK = Solid @10degF/-12.23C. 2 - 3cc DK = Solid @10degF/-12.23C. 3 - 4cc DK = Semi-Solid (gelled liquid) @10degF/-12.23C.

Test 6: 6 - 4cc DFS/1cc Acetone = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C. 7 - 5cc DFS/1cc Acetone = Semi-solid (milkshake consistency) @10degF/-12.23C. 8 - 4cc DK/1cc Acetone = Semi-solid (milkshake consitency) @10degF/-12.23C. (no change noted with Acetone)

Changed test parameters. Sample size: 20ml 100% BD, sterile sample jars. New anti-gels in this test: Kerosene (Kero) "Diesel Fuel Anti-Gel" by Gunk (DFAG) 9 - 1/2cc Kero = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C. 10 - 1/2cc DFAG = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C.

11 - 2cc Kero = semi-solid (gelled liquid) @10degF/-12.23C. (noticeable phase separation) 12 - 2cc DFAG = Solid (wax) @10degF/-12.23C.

13 - 4cc Kero = Liquid (layer gelling) @10degF/-12.23C. (noticeable phase separation - liquid/gelled viscous liquid) 14 - 4cc DFAG = semi-solid (gelled "paste") @10degF/-12.23C.

15 - 4cc Kero + 1cc DFS = PENDING 16 - 4cc DFAG + 1cc DFS = PENDING 17 - 5cc Kero = PENDING

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